pureAir SOLO Wearable Air Purifier

The most dangerous environmental and health hazards aren’t visible to the eye.

Personal Protection from Airborne Risks

Get all-day protection from common germs, allergens and even deadly pathogens, with pureAir SOLO. This sleek, wearable air purifier creates a four-foot area of clean, safe air by repelling particles and pathogens using ion-based active air technology.

Reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with this lightweight, wearable purification device about the size of a deck of cards.

Wear pureAir SOLO indoors or outdoors to repel allergens, protect yourself from the effects of air pollution and to reduce your risk of contracting viruses. Use pureAir SOLO as a powerful extra layer of protection while traveling, in crowds or even among friends and family.

pureAir SOLO features a breakaway neck cord for safety, a convenient micro USB charging cable and a rechargeable battery capable of more than 24 hours of continuous use per charge.

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Features & Specifications

Sleek, modern design 

Get comfortable, lightweight protection with a sleek design about the size of a deck of cards (2.95″ H x 1.94″ W x 0.67″ D and 2.22 oz). 

Easy to Wear & Use 

Wear the lightweight pureAir SOLO device around your neck on the included breakaway lanyard-style cord and simply turn it on to create your personal pure air zone. 

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery 

The rechargeable lithium battery powering pureAir SOLO provides up to 28 hours of purification before needing a three to five-hour charge via the included micro USB cable.

Personal Purification Specifications 

A permanent, solid platinum emitter and gold-plated stainless steel collectors produce an ion density of 50 million per cubic cm, creating a 3 ft. protective barrier around your breathing space.


pureAir SOLO should be used in conjunction with and to enhance other standard health practices. The pureAir SOLO purifier is not a medical device or a replacement for the health and safety recommendations of the CDC. This product cannot be shipped to California.