pureAir 750+ Wall Mount Air Purifier

Wall mounted unit that provides air purification for spaces without HVAC duct access.

Continuous Active Air Purifier for Spaces up to 750 Square Feet where there's no HVAC duct access or tamper resistance is desired.


Applications: Cafeterias • Nursing Homes • Workshops • Offices • Schools Day Care Facilities • Nail Salons • Veterinary Clinics • Motor Coaches • Public Restrooms 


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Features & Specifications


Active Radiant Catalysis, or ARC®, our proprietary form of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) - Uses ultraviolet energy to activate a catalyst which  converts water vapor into advanced oxidation products (AOPs), primarily vaporized hydrogen peroxide, to continuously clean your space.  

Bipolar Ionization - Goes out and charges harmful particulates, causing them to clump together and drop out of your breathing space.

Activated Oxygen (Ozone) - Optional


  • Proactively Cleans Both Air AND Surfaces 
  • Effective Against SARS-CoV-2, Other Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, etc.
  • Reduces Allergens from Your Breathing Space Including Dust, Pollen, and Pet Dander
  • 24/7 Odor and Particulate Reduction  
  • No Ductwork Required
  • Easily Mounts to Walls
  • Replaceable PCO Cell and MERV Filter



  • PCO: Photocatalytic Oxidation
  • Bipolar Ionization Module (BPI)
  • Activated Oxygen (Ozone) - Optional
  • Input Voltage: 24VDC
  • Operating Voltage 24VDC
  • Supply Power: 120-240VAC | 17W
  • Operating Power: 24VDC | .67A
  • Airflow: 70 CFM
  • Optional Ozone Output: < 0.05 ppm
  • Coverage: up to 750 ft2


  • Models: 750+ Wall Mount 1X5789 or 750+ Wall Mount NO3 (no ozone) 1X5821
  • Dimensions: 11.92” H x 9.72” W x 3.64” D
  • Metric: 303mm H x 247mm W x 93mm D
  • Weight: 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
  • Materials: Powder Coated Aluminum • Unit Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

pureAir 750+ Wall Mount should be used in conjunction with and to enhance other standard health practices. The pureAir 750+ Wall Mount purifier is not a medical device or a replacement for the health and safety recommendations of the CDC. This product cannot be shipped to California.