Marcos Gonzalez

Dr. Marcos Gonzalez, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Marcos Gonzalez, PhD is a world-renowned polymer scientist with over 33 years of experience in the manufacturing of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. In addition, Dr. Gonzalez has developed and patented numerous proprietary molecular formulations. Dr. Gonzalez has worked with some of the largest corporate leaders in the medical device, pharmaceutical and scientific communities. His work also includes the research of new therapies for treatments in the areas of renal, cardiovascular, and liver diseases.

Dr. Gonzalez currently owns and operates a regulatory compliant registered facility in South Florida with the capability of performing pilot batches for research and development as well as full pilot scale capability to manufacture validation batches under regulatory compliance. This facility also facilitates the manufacturing of his proprietary molecular formulations that are distributed and sold worldwide. In addition, Dr. Marcos is partnered with the University of Miami Medical School and Jackson Memorial Hospital where he regularly participates in human and animal clinical trials.