The Science

A Polymer-Powered Revolution in Pathogen Control

The difference is in the science behind the solution.

Other hand and surface disinfectants on the market disinfect using evaporating alcohol and similar chemicals alone. Varigard™ harnesses the natural germicidal properties of a polymer originating from organic algae and uses it in combination with alcohol for a safer, longer-lasting solution.

Why it Works Better

Safer & Flame Retardant

Alcohol, and the toxic ingredients of most surface disinfectants are extremely flammable, creating dangerous situations with tragic consequences worldwide.

Varigard™ formulas are flame retardant and won’t catch fire because our patented polymer surrounds the active germ-killing ingredients so they’re never directly exposed to surfaces, skin or flames.

More Effective

Get the same or better effectiveness of instant sanitizers, with the staying power that prevents germs from spreading through contact. Varigard™ contains alcohol like other sanitizers do, but we utilize it in combination with something none of those other products have– our patented, antimicrobial polymer.

Independent labs confirm that Varigard™ traps and kills COVID-19, Staph, MRSA, E. coli, Pneumonia and 99.9% of viruses for more than two hours after application.

Longer Lasting

Unlike other sanitizers, with a 30-second window of effectiveness, Varigard™ continues killing pathogens for up to two hours. Our organic polymers form a protective barrier that retains alcohol on skin and surfaces instead of allowing it to evaporate, for 120 minutes of sterilization that’s still gentle enough to remove with water.

Less Damaging to Skin

Varigard’s patented organic polymer shields skin from alcohol, the culprit of chronic dryness and cracking, for an all-natural, organic formula that’s also USDA Biopreferred.

Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

Zero Thermal properties make our formulas resistant to both extreme hot or cold temperatures. Use Varigard™ in more environments and conditions than traditional sanitizers, which are most effective when kept in temperatures between 59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Three Layers of Protection & Prevention 

Our three layers of fluid protection are clinically proven to sequester and kill deadly pathogens, sterilize your hands and act as a moisturizing barrier for more than two hours, all without the drying effects of overusing other sanitizer products.


Sequestration Layer  

After application, an outer layer of our patented organic polymer forms to trap and suffocate germs, preventing virus transfer to other surfaces or people.

Sterilization Layer 

Beneath the polymer layer is a protective barrier preserving the alcohol in our product for extended germ-killing, without fast evaporation.

Adhesion Layer 

Finally, the layer that settles against your skin acts as a protective, moisturizing barrier, preventing dry skin and the absorption of alcohol or germs.



2 Hours of protection per us

Proven to kill actual COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)

3 Layers of active Microglove Protection

Prevents transfer of germs to other surfaces

Won’t cause skin irritation or dryness

Flame retardant

Prevents alcohol from absorbing into skin

Non-toxic and methanol-free


“Other Leading Brands”

Only 30 seconds of limited protection per use

Simply claim to kill “Coronaviruses” in general

Evaporation leaves you exposed to germs

Doesn’t prevent germs from spreading

Will cause dryness and cracking


Allows alcohol to absorb into your skin

May contain methanol or other toxins

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