pureAir 500 Portable Air Purifier

The most dangerous environmental and health hazards aren’t visible to the eye.

Room Active Air Purifier for Spaces up to 850 Square Feet

The pureAir 500 transforms your room into a continuously fresh and clean environment, removing airborne pollutants.

The pureAiR 500 uses advanced technologies which include activated oxygen (ozone), ionization, and HEPA carbon filtration. These technologies work together to significantly reduce odors that may be caused by bacteria, mold and mildew or other unwelcome contaminants in the air. The pureAIR 500 has also been proven to diminish other odors such as those that may come from smoking, pets or cooking.

It offers a sleek design which makes it a fashionable addition to any home or office space. The top of the unit provides easy to use touch controls which allow for simple purification level adjustment. With the pureAIR 500, you can choose the continuous setting (green) for a constant ionic clean or use the burst setting (blue) with automatically timed activated oxygen to deal with tougher odors. There’s even an away setting (red) that deep cleans the air in your room while you’re out running errands and the space is unoccupied.

The pureAIR 500 is ideal for spaces up to 850 square feet*.

*Room dimensions are based on average ceiling height of 8.5' and open floor plan and/or adjoining rooms for single level dwelling.
This product cannot be shipped to California.

Features of pureAir 500

• Offers a small, fashionable design that complements any home or office space.
• Provides scalable purification that you control.
• Easy to set up and use in any environment.

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Features & Specifications


• Ionization

• Activated Oxygen

• Dual Filtration: HEPA Type, Carbon


• Neutralizes Tough Odors

• Reduces Allergens

• Easy to Setup, Easy to Use

• Clean, Simple Design

• Quiet Operation

• Ideal for spaces up to 850 square feet

Three Operation Modes

Ionization (Green Light) 

Utilizes ionization which charges the particulates in the air until they clump together and fall out of your breathing space, and HEPA type filtration with a carbon filter for removing airborne particulates such as smoke, pollen, and pet dander.

Purification (Blue Light)

Creates safe levels of Activated Oxygen (O3), which destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew in the air and on surfaces.

Away (Red Light)

Creates Activated Oxygen (O3) and Ionization for a powerful 30-minute cleaning cycle before reverting back to the previous mode setting.


• Dimensions: 11.0" H (280mm) x 7.50" W (190mm) x 7.50" D (190mm)

• Weight: 36.8 oz (1.04kg)

• Effective Area of 650-850 square feet

• Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

• Input: 100V-240V; 50-60 Hz

• Output: 12V DC

• Power Consumption: 10.0 W


pureAir 500 should be used in conjunction with and to enhance other standard health practices. The pureAir 500 purifier is not a medical device or a replacement for the health and safety recommendations of the CDC. This product cannot be shipped to California.