Our Partners

Varigard’s strategic partners lead their industries and sit at the forefront of technological breakthroughs. Our work with these award-winning companies helps to further our mission of creating a safer, healthier world.



Draganfly, a technology partner of Varigard LLC, develops and deploys drone tech to distribute our surface disinfectant to arenas, stadiums, and concert venues.

A leader in the drone tech industry since 1998, Draganfly is known for its best-in-class drone technology powering custom solutions for a variety of industries. Their drones and related technology are deployed around the world, every day, in groundbreaking commercial, industrial and emergency service uses.

Draganfly has been recognized and honored by industry leaders including Popular Science, International Academy of Science and The Ernest C. Manning Award. In 2013, their Draganflyer was credited as the first sUAS to save a human life.

Press release 10/29/20



Greentech Environmental is an innovator and manufacturer of high-quality electronic products that positively impact the lives and health of people throughout the world, all while protecting the environment.

Our partnership with Greentech focuses on combating the spread of airborne pathogens using air and surface purifying technology in personal, commercial and industrial applications.


ZT Polygel

ZT Polygel, LLC manufactures a proprietary patented polymer formulation that replaces all ingredients (less the alcohol) found in common hand sanitizer. The result is organic products, deriving from alginates, with unmatched capabilities and just two ingredients instead of five to seven.

When ZT Polygel is used in hand sanitizer, patented polymers create a three-layer barrier of protection for the user that lasts for two hours. Pathogens are sequestered in the middle layer, stopping the transfer of germs to another individual or surface, while the first layer prevents alcohol absorption and slows evaporation.

ZT Polygel currently produces polymers in south Florida and north central Florida.