Is Hand Sanitizer a Fire Hazard?

by Mike Paolillo Mike Paolillo | May 19, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Hand sanitizer is a hot commodity today for a variety of reasons, most notably the continued spread of COVID-19. But there are also some risks and concerns that come along with the use of these sanitizers. In fact, one of the most common questions is, “Is hand sanitizer a fire hazard?”

To answer that, it's important to look at what's in typical sanitizers and what's in Varigard. That can help you understand the differences, as well as the risks and benefits, so you can make an informed choice about your sanitizer needs and what brands you want to buy.

Is Hand Sanitizer a Fire Hazard?

Typical hand sanitizers use ethanol as their sterilizing agent. While ethanol works very well for its intended purpose of quickly killing germs, it's also a substance that's naturally flammable. That means it can catch fire, as seen in the common "fire trick" online, where people put hand sanitizer on the palm of their hand and light it on fire to watch it burn off.

This is very risky and showcases the truth about hand sanitizers. They're flammable, and could increase the risk of fire-related injuries if they're used improperly. Alcohol is flammable and highly evaporative. Therefore, all regular alcohol-based hand sanitizers are flammable in the bottle, when it first comes out of the bottle, and immediately after it's applied to the hands, other areas of the body, or other surfaces. Whether hand sanitizer is an actual fire hazard depends mostly on the care with which it's used, but it is flammable, and anything flammable has the potential for fire.

Why Varigard Is Different

One of the concerns with alcohol is the ingredients it's mixed with. There's no doubt that it's an effective agent when it comes to killing germs. The goal is to use it in the best possible way, so it produces the biggest benefits with the lowest level of risk. That's where Varigard comes in.

Varigard uses ethyl alcohol (ethanol) as its active sterilizing ingredient, but it's combined with other ingredients that stop it from combusting. That makes Varigard flame-retardant and safer than other options on the market today. When looking for a safe and effective hand sanitizer, it's important to consider all the ingredients and how they work together. The flammability test is clear:




As can be seen in the video, Varigard doesn't combust and catch fire like other alcohol-based hand sanitizers because of the different combination of ingredients used to create it.  By preventing the ethanol in the sanitizer from combusting, Varigard can reduce the risk of potential harm and lower the chances of a fire hazard.

It's true that the flammability risks of hand sanitizers are fairly small.  However, people have literally caught fire from using hand sanitizers in incorrect and dangerous ways.  With Varigard, you won't have to worry about combustibility.

That makes Varigard significantly safer than other hand sanitizer brand, so you can keep yourself and your family safe in a number of different ways. By keeping the active ingredient that's effective at killing COVID-19, and coupling that ingredient with others that reduce its combustible nature, Varigard has provided a safer alternative when compared with other brands of hand sanitizer.

So, What's the Bottom Line?

If you're concerned about the safety of hand sanitizers, but you still want the effectiveness that alcohol offers, Varigard is your choice. Shop Varigard products today, and find the option that's right for your needs. While anyone can use Varigard, it's particularly valuable for hospitals, schools, casinos, public spaces, hotels, arenas, and other areas where large numbers of people are present or will gather together.

Contact with others, and with numerous surfaces, can raise the risk of COVID-19 transmission. But Varigard traps and kills COVID-19 and keeps working for two hours. Other hand sanitizers lose their protective ability in 30 seconds. The longer protection time and lower risk of a flame-retardant sanitizer make Varigard the logical choice for the health and safety of the public.


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