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Is Excessive Use of Hand Sanitizer Bad?

With the drastically increased reliance on hand sanitizer to help combat pathogens, you might be wondering, is excessive use of hand sanitizer bad? That's a fair question, because sanitizer use is much more frequent than in the past.  That is especially true for high-use professions like education and health care. If you're a frontline worker or a teacher, for example, keeping your hands clean is of the utmost importance. Not only are you trying to protect yourself and your loved ones, you're also trying to protect other people in your care. Whether that's patients or school children, the end result is that you're using a lot of sanitizer. It's important to be aware of any associated risks and to understand how to mitigate those risks as much as possible.

Hand Sanitizer vs. Washing Hands: What’s the Difference?

When trying to reduce the spread of germs, it's important to understand the difference between hand...