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Smart Cities need enhanced pathogen protection

Protecting our critical infrastructure is more important then ever before. The world cannot sustain another pandemic without taking preventative measures.  


A new evolution in protection

Varigard has created a new line in germ defense with its Long-Lasting Protective Hand Sanitizing Gel. This formula is made with our patented organic polymers that last for over 2 hours from application. We designed our polymers to prevent germs from spreading through contact.

Independent labs have confirmed that Varigard will Trap and Kill COVID-19 (not just “coronaviruses” like other sanitizers try to claim). Varigard has also been independently confirmed as effective against STAPH, MRSA, ECOLI, and PNEUMONIA.

2oz bottle final 1000x1000
Varigard side-by-side MASTER

It's all about the science

Other hand and surface disinfectants on the market disinfect using evaporating alcohol and similar chemicals alone. Varigard™ harnesses the natural germicidal properties of a polymer originating from organic algae and uses it in combination with alcohol for a safer, longer-lasting solution.

Learn more how we prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 (Covid 19)


For any procurement attributed to the Monroe 9/11 Center, Varigard will donate 1% to the 501c3 Non-Profit